Want to book a procedure? soundlobotomy@gmail.com

Immerse Yourself in the sound

Want to book a procedure? soundlobotomy@gmail.com

Want to book a procedure? soundlobotomy@gmail.com

Immerse Yourself in the sound

Want to book a procedure? soundlobotomy@gmail.com


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About The Lobotomist


Sound Lobotomy is a procedure of frequencies designed to scramble the brain. James Emrick, the creator of SL, built this as a platform for free-thinking bringing together people that enjoy heavy bass music , mind-scrambling immersive sounds, learning new perspectives, and dancing uncontrollably surrounded by beautiful creatures. He makes most of his sounds from scratch and performs with only orginal music and samples/acapellas. Soon to be accompanied with visuals designed by James' older brother Bobby Emrick, a student in 3D graphic arts. Follow the link to check out his portfolio: remrick.myportfolio.com


I grew up in upstate New york for most of my childhood and moved to the Blue Ridge mountains in North Carolina in 2008. I discovered I was musically inclined and had an ear for writing music at a very young age, thanks to my Mom who played piano for me as a toddler. The piano quickly grabbed my heart and i fell in love with sound and their effect the vibrations had on humans. After years of on-and-off self training and a couple music lessons here and there, I decided to expand my ability to the beat and rhythm of music by learning how to play the drums (i thought drums were more masculine at the time lol, s'ignorant). I excelled in drumming very quickly and had friends that I would play with, but we never started any band officially. I then moved to NC where a new world introduced itself to me.


 In NY, I grew up in a very "christian" household, so my perspectives of life were VERY narrow,shallow, and unidirectional. I once viewed the bible as the only source for truth, and anything that went against it as far I translated it was blasphemy. Now, my perspective is ever evolving and constantly changing and I'm constantly trying to  learn new ways to see things. I give a lot of credit for the change in life to LSD. In 2013, I tried LSD for the first time at Electric Forest and I forgot all the bullshit of the world and remembered my true love, Sound. I then realized what I'm here on Earth for, Experimenting with Sound to help others in one way or another. I dove into the realm of Sound hard and started studying the craft. I then created Sound Lobotomy as the foundation for the journey ahead. Im high energy on the stage and my music will be aggressive, loving, dreamy, and straight nasty filth at points. This is a procedure, don't forget to sign the waiver ;)


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James Emrick

Asheville, North Carolina, United States

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