Safety & Awareness

Drug Education


With the illegalization of substances, comes rogue chemists that supply the demand with little to no regulation. Education is a fundamental key to making a decision to use or not to.  Learn more about what you can do to prevent harm on yourself and others in a world with barely any non-biased substance education or regulation. and are great places to educate yourself on substances. They neither condone nor condemn drug use. They provide a non-judgmental perspective to help support people who use drugs in making informed decisions about their health and safety. Also check out for in-depth analysis on substances.

Test Kits


Testing your substance is essential. If, you choose to use drugs, testing the substance should be a priority. Do not do a substance if you do not know what it is. There are many test kits on the market, i recommend using They use state-of-the-art test kits and are at the beginning stages of introducing FTIR (Fourier Transform Infra-red spectrometry: a test that gives a complete analysis of the substance being tested) at venues and festivals around the world. 

Ear Protection


Your ears are very sensitive and easy to damage. More than likely, you have already suffered quite a bit of ear damage. Please protect your ears with proper ear protection even if its your 45th festival or 100th concert show, its not too late. What is recommended for EDM shows of all flavors is High Fidelity Ear plugs. Follow the tab to get ear protection today.

Beyond Zero Tolerance


Beyond Zero Tolerance is a reality-based approach to Drug education and School Discipline introduced by Drug Policy Alliance. At Drug Policy Alliance, they envision new drug policies grounded in science, compassion, health, and human rights.



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