Sound Lobotomy








Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Infinite Perspectives




LOVE: The First Value


Love is a Full Spectrum, ranging like Ice to Magma. It can produce the most intense Pleasure, or bring on the most intense Pain. It can make you feel Weakest, or feel Strongest.

Love allows people and things to come and go. 

Love is Faith.

Love is Resistance, which produces Growth. 

Love is Confusion, which brings produces Clarity. 

Love is Death, the Source for Life.

Love can never be taken from you because it is determined by the Individual. You either practice and hold on to Love, or you give up on it. 

Each action of Love is like a ripple in the sea of life, which if made by many, will consume all in its path, like a Tsunami. 

We embody Love. 

So, Love one another. For after all is said and done, we are all Brothers and Sisters. 

Love is a Frequency.

Love is Universal.

Love is Infinite.

All is Love.

You will find that Love is woven thru each of the other 10 Sound Lobotomy Values.

GRIT: The Second Value


Albert Camus uses the Greek legend of Sisyphus, to display what Grit is as a metaphor for the individual’s persistent struggle against the essential absurdity of life. Sisyphus was condemned by the gods for eternity to repeatedly roll a boulder up a hill only to have it roll down again once he got it to the top. According to Camus, the first step an individual must take is to accept the fact of this absurdity. If, as for Sisyphus, suicide is not a possible response, the only alternative is to rebel by rejoicing in the act of rolling the boulder up the hill. Camus further argues that with the joyful acceptance of the struggle against defeat, the individual gains definition and identity.

Best said by Angela Duckworth, “Grit is passion and perseverance towards long-term goals.”

Grit makes up the difference in areas you lack.

Grit sets you apart, gives you an advantage, despite other variables.

Grit is treating life like marathon, not a sprint.

Grit is sticking with the future you envision, making reasoned adjustments along the way.

Grit is following through with something to the end.

Grit doesn’t allow you to give into pain, it doesn’t allow you to quit what is true.

Grit is willing to fail, learn from the mistakes, get back up, and try again.

Grit is acquired through adversity.

Grit is putting in the time and work.

Grit is having patience amidst the absurd.

Grit is like the story of Job. Everything is taken, yet despite it all, you praise the Universe and press on, knowing there is a bigger plan out there.

REASON: The Third Value


The art piece above is by Goerge Grie. It is a take on Goya’s art piece from 1799 called the Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters.

Goya wanted to depict the value of reason, and that if reason is asleep, evil and corruption prevail. 

Reason, if applied correctly gives true understanding of oneself, and how to effectively navigate through life.

Those who defy how nature has fixed them to exist, are damaging their ability to Reason by living inauthentically. If one’s ability to Reason is impure, it follows that one will blame all others except oneself for one’s mistakes.

All things in Life are fleeting, therefore one may conclude that Reason and rationality are impermanent or pointless. But, Reason reflects a higher order and separates us from all other living things. 

Reason is Humanities greatest Gift.

In the eyes of Epictetus, though rationality is not everlasting, it is peoples most intimate quality. Since it is the bedrock of their identity or self-awareness, it follows that contentment and tranquility are easier to achieve when one’s Reason is intact.

According to Aurelius, to live with Reason is to live authentically. Authentic living is living for the sake of cultivating their true selves, without blindly following the desires and opinions of others.

The capacity to engage in conceptualization is a piece of the Divine expressed through humanity.

Exercise Reason: NOESIS.

QUESTION: The Fourth Value


Questioning is the key to examining life, and as Socrates stated, “the unexamined life is not worth living”. The ability to Question knowledge gives way to understanding, leading to wisdom.

Questioning is an art, varying in use which will give false understanding if used incorrectly. In order to know if you finding Truth, you must test your understanding constantly. This takes sacrificing the comfortable state of understanding by searching for new ways to question. Leading to new perspectives, expanding and evolving yourself. 

Questioning wasn’t always something commonly practiced, and is still suppressed in some places today. Without it, we have confusion, destruction, and death. Questioning authority is looked down on as well, yet it is the responsibility and duty of the authority in question to practice patience and teach, with Socratic questioning, leading to true understanding and wisdom.

Practice Questioning Everyday.